Going out







She came
carrying more than she knew
Ignorance a shield lowered only
when the space and choice combined
in a womb that nurtured discovery

He arrived
to confront his yearning
for those meagre signs of approval
that mattered little in essence
but consumed more than he could afford

A monstrous dark shadow
looming in the pale light
of its own recognition
All those triggers
keys that unlocked an arsenal
of pains from a time when
a smaller version of the adult
learnt to survive

She went
initiating a mutual release
from that prison in which
through the years of youth
they had shared and cared

A release in the only way they knew
Raging anger, tears and longing
for an end to the constant frustration
of those past moments that cemented
the walls and locked the doors
A realisation that we can turn
only our own keys

He turned and rushed
the nectar of freedom a heady brew.
Another provided the comfort
and shared the laughter
that gushed into that empty space


**  Stace says: The closing bookend to Coming In, the ending for the beginning, being the parameters to a 12 year relationship & marriage, almost to the day, 1970-1982.  


  1. “A realisation that we can turn only our own keys…” As painful as all of this sounds, you learned something that some of us NEVER lean in a lifetime. I hope it stood you in good stead. Beautifully honest, Mike.

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