My Liebster Award, wow!

Well thank you KE Garland for nominating me for the Liebster Award. With this award go three requirements I have deduced, namely:

1. Answer a series of questions from KE Garland

2. Nominate another group of bloggers who you feel deserve this award

3. Ask your nominees a series of questions to explore more about the nominee

Firstly my apologies for taking some time to finally getting around to both acknowledging this honour and to answering the questions which I did find very interesting and challenging but here goes.

Questions & Responses:

Plastic or paper?

As I said, interesting questions. Plastic or paper what? Paper as a preference if it is suitable to the purpose but I wouldn’t reach for a paper bag to put liquids in for instance.  The closeness to nature and the ability to break down and return to nature would also make paper a preference for me.

Book before movie or movie before book?

I would usually prefer to read the book before seeing the movie because that would bring me into all of the nuances of the story that the author intended. I have however been known to watch a movie before reading the book just to get a taste of what the story is about. That has sometimes meant that I never bothered to read the book later which might be an injustice to the author.

Oprah or Ellen?

Now what was KE thinking here? I did watch a few shows of Oprah when we were taking a lunch break during the renovations down in Maldon and I do share a lot of the spiritual awareness that Oprah taps into. I have never watched a full show of Ellen, only snippets from time to time. Ellen does meditate so I feel a connection there of course. Do I prefer either Oprah or Ellen? Pass, lack of information to compare with.

Writing in public or writing in your home?

Writing in public is a comparatively new infrequent adventure for me but one I am enjoying when it presents. The change in location and the out-of-the-norm activity around me is proving to be inspirational for my writing, see my post Away with the bird.

Married or single?

My wife and I are coming up to our 10th wedding anniversary later this year, and yes, I do remember the date. Second marriages for both of us and I feel fortunate that we have come together even if it is later in life than many others. Better late than never as the saying goes. I have two adult sons and Molly has two adult daughters, balance is our story. Between them all we have six grandchildren which brings a new perspective on life. I also refer to it as our second breeding season.

Dog or cat?

Both. We have two cavoodle dogs, Daisy and Rosie, and one tabby cat, Millie. All three have been the subjects of posts on my blog. I do not have a preference of one type over the other, I love them all. I have a post idea waiting to be fulfilled which will expound on my idea that pets humanise people.

Healthy lifestyle or who cares?

My wife is a herbalist, a nutritionist and has been in holistic practice for over 30 years, so what chance do I have to continue to drink a bottle of red every night? Age also has a way of pushing you toward a healthier lifestyle but I do have a weakness for chocolate and potato crisps, I am only human after all.

City or suburbs?

Suburbs because the city has never needed to be an option for me. I would even prefer to be out of a large city altogether and live in the country with a little land or at least in a smaller country town.

Limited choice or complete freedom?

What are you getting at here KE?  I must read your blog posts more closely for a clue to the thinking behind this one. I believe that we have complete and unlimited freedom to think and dream but physical choices are limited by the many vagaries of the human experience. The accidents of birth, the circumstances of our locations and one that I am becoming very familiar with, the ageing process on the human condition.

Rainy day or snowy day?

Well location decides this one KE as I have never experienced a snowy day in Australia. I do love a rainy day though because it is such a necessary part of our earthly survival and one that should be appreciated in such a dry continent as Australia. It simply astounds me when weather forecasters and other talking heads on TV complain about rainy days after so many drought years here.

Writing on a device or writing by hand?

Finally an easy one. Writing on a device definitely. I have heard the theories about the connections created by hand writing but the main reason that has kept me from writing all these years was my experience in high school and the difficulty I had in creating a clean essay or composition without multiple crossing out and rewrites. I am also a product of my age having learnt to type in my first job and this continued through my years as a communications operator in the Air Force and then as a computer programmer.  Typing is second nature to me to the extent that I find it difficult to actually write by hand.

My nominees for this award:

 My questions for the nominees:

  • How long have you been blogging?
  • Why do you blog?
  • Where would you prefer to live, in the mountains or on the coast?
  • Do you follow or participate in any sport?
  • Do you follow a specific diet or regime?
  • Do you have pets?
  • What pushes your buttons, on or off?


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