Coolabah Tree Cafe

Travel advisory 😜 We had intended to make our first stop on our trip to Maldon this morning at Pheasant Nest, just out of Sydney, for breakfast. Big disappointment folks 😡 No cooked meals just reheated toast sandwiches and make your own coffee out of a machine, bleh!! So be warned, keep going for about 15 mins to the next stop at the Exeter/Bundanoon exit and the Coolabah Tree Cafe. Shell petrol as well and if you are really desperate and have no qualms about eating crap there is also a Maccas 😤

Full marks for the cafe service as well. I went in first (dog sitter needed) and ordered the bacon & egg roll and a large cappuccino to which the lady said “Could you manage a hash brown with that?”, pointing to the sign that said all three as a package for $10.90. Done deal and I headed back to the car to eat and watch out for the cavoodles while Molly got her breakfast. I had just finished my little feast washed down by a beautiful coffee when a very pleased Molly returned with her breakfast. Molly had taken her two pieces of gluten and yeast free bread in to get toasted (she is The Gluten Free Granny after all) along with an order for an egg and a cup of tea. The counter lady pleasantly accepted her order, for a charge of $6.30, not bad. What really pleased Molly was opening her breakfast to find three beautifully fried eggs, a grilled tomato, and her toasted bread, done exactly to Molly’s particular quality control for toast. How did they know? Bonus, your writer had to finish some of the eggs.

Two very satisfied and happy travelers headed back on to the highway south, vowing to never bother stopping at Pheasant Nest again.

Authors note: Written on my iPhone in the car while Molly drives.


    1. Thank you for the welcome, it’s good to be back. I think I have to get on with more of these “spur of the moment” pieces instead of agonising over well thought crafted pieces. It felt good just get writing. I was just going to do a FB post about it but as it started to “run” I changed over to a blog post instead and glad I did. Great to hear from you as well, that’s always an incentive 😜


      1. Oh! You silver tongued devil! 😀 I wondered where you’d gone. That’s the bad side to knowing folks on here — when they suddenly disappear for awhile. Glad all is well there with you two and your four-footed family! 🙂

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