Mat Belcher, Olympic yachtsman

Show notes:

What is it with water sports and a driest of dry landlubber like me? After my interview with Chris Morgan a couple of weeks ago, this week I had an opportunity to chat to another Olympian, Mat Belcher, an Olympic 470 class yachtsman, thanks to one of his sponsors, Blackmores’. Mat has won a very impressive array of World Championships and the pinnacle for him to date, a gold medal in the London Olympics in 2012.

I found Mat to be a very dedicated and focussed man with a clear objective of winning another Olympic gold medal at the Rio Olympics this year. He was taking his last break from the endless training schedule before heading off to Rio and was spending it with his wife and family in Germany.  How Mat and his partner in the boat, Will Ryan, manage to continually keep their boat going at the maximum speed and upright is beyond my comprehension. I just look on in awe at their abilities.

I for one will be looking out for this quiet gentle man to be at his focussed best in the gold medal final on the18th of August at Rio.

Mat and Will have a detailed website with all sorts of info on their achievements, and I include the link here for you to reference, BelcherRyan2016.

Listen to the show:

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