Records Round

Show Notes:

Australian football, AFL, like most elite sports, is a game of numbers and statistics. Players and clubs performance is measured by an ever increasing array of statistics and every week we seem to be celebrating one or another milestone achieved by a club or one or more players. This week it happily came about that not only one of the hardest to achieve records would be broken, the most number of games by an AFL player in his career, but four other players would pass 350, 325, 300 and 200 games respectively. It is rare indeed that such a confluence of records would be created in the one weekend of footy so we felt obliged to call this podcast the “Records Round” in celebration of these feats.

In addition our local AFL team, the GWS Giants, continue to set new benchmarks each week this year and they have now won more games in a season than any other and they still have five games to go.

Listen to Ian Parker and I discussing these significant milestones, one in particular being very close to home for Ian.

Screenshot 2016-07-29 16.03.59The smallest record we are celebrating is also in some ways the biggest; the Auburn Giants, a women’s AFL team playing in their first year in the top, premiership, division in the Sydney women’s competition, have at last won their first game in this division. This is a major hurdle crossed for these girls and one that has the potential to not only change their lives but to inspire others in their various communities.

Listen to my interview with Amna K-Hassan from the Auburn Giants and you will get some idea of their infectious enthusiasm for this great game of AFL 😉

Here is the list of records that we are celebrating. We have also included links behind each for you to get more information.

Just for interest, here is a link to locate the Hawa Charcoal Chicken shop, where the Auburn Giant girls celebrate!

P.S. Please ignore the small slip of the tongue when listening to the Amna interview. I said “so many wins” when I meant to say “so many losses”. I can only do so much with editing 😉

Listen to the show:

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