Loyalty and other small issues

Show notes:

Amid the usual local and national AFL news for this week, Ian Parker and I discussed the issue of player and club loyalty. This was prompted by the news this week in rugby league that the former Parramatta star player, Jarryd Hayne, has returned to the National Rugby League competition with the Gold Coast Titans club. He left Parramatta at the end of 2014 to pursue his dream of playing in the USA gridiron competition for the San Francisco 49ers. Jarryd retired from the NFL in May 2016 to try and get into the Olympics playing for the Fiji rugby union sevens team. He wasn’t selected and now has decided to return to league but with a new club. Many Parramatta league fans were understandably upset by his move as he publicly solemnly promised to return to Parramatta should his NFL move not work out. So how loyal was he, or should any player be. Ian and I provide our humble opinions on this perennially contentious issue.

It might also help as background to read my earlier post on the matter of professionalism in sport.

We also brought up the heart warming tribute from a your cancer victim to GWS Giants player Jonathon Patton on the eve of his 50th game for the club. As promised in the podcast you can view Summah’s beautiful video tribute here

If you would like to hear us discuss any issue I would love to hear from you by leaving a comment below.

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