Gus is back!

Show notes:

We’ve put the band back together for this weeks podcast, Gus is back!  The old team of Stace and Ian “Chicken” Parker, former player and vice-president at Pennant Hills Demons, welcome back Gus Seebeck, former Sandover medallist and president of East Coast Eagles, who has been on holiday overseas for over a month. It was good to have Gus’ input back on the show.

In the local Sydney premiership division, the pressure is on Pennant Hills Demons with only two games until the finals and a growing list of players out with injuries. Over at East Coast Eagles, they are still going strong and well clear on top of the ladder.  Gus and Ian, as usual, agree to disagree over the outcome of the finals.

We all seem to agree on the fate of the Giants and Swans games this weekend with across the board wins predicted. However, the name and fixtures to be played at Blundstone Arena in Hobart uncharacteristically challenge the crew with confusion reigning supreme at some stages 😉

All this amidst other local and AFL news from the week. Enjoy!

Listen to the show:

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