Guesses vs Facts

Greg Talbot and Matthew Mack from AFL NSW joined Gus Seebeck, Ian Parker and the Stace to review the fearless predictions we made back in March 2016 on who we each thought would make the top eight and play in the finals of the AFL 2016 season.  So we matched the facts against the guesses made back then in one of our more entertaining podcasts.

We started however by reviewing the first of the finals played in the AFL Sydney Premiership division, much to the glee of Gus Seebeck and the chagrin of Ian Parker. For the record, Gus played for, and chairman for a period, the East Coast Eagles who play in the finals on Saturday, and Ian played for, and was vice president for many years of the Pennant Hills Demons who were eliminated from the finals last week by the North Shore Bombers.

A little revenge was exacted by Ian on Gus by querying where Gus’ team, Richmond, ended up on the ladder leading to a comment on how distressed some Richmond supporters can get.

We also each made our predictions of the winners of the first round of finals as below.

Predictions for the first finals round:

Greg: Eagles, Cats, Swans, Crows
Gus: Eagles, Cats, Giants, Crows
Ian: Eagles, Hawks, Swans, Crows
Matt: Eagles, Cats, Giants, Crows
Stace: Eagles, Hawks, Giants, Crows

Listen to the show:

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