Saturday night in Amsterdam, Sunday morning in Sydney, the wonders of technology join us together to bring you a chat with the lovely couple known as “Evrin“, Riny and Evi, Riny Raijmakers and Evi Terschegget to give them their full titles.

Riny is the singer-songwriter of the partnership and Evi brings a beautiful presence and voice from a jazz background, smokey as Evi describes it.

Their music? Eclectic. The single word we discovered in this conversation that best describes the wonderful mix of music they create together.

The word “Evrin” is obviously a contraction of their names and means “the universe” in Turkish as Evi believes.  If any Turkish readers wish to confirm or deny that claim please leave a comment below.

A big thank you to Chris O for introducing me to this lovely couple.

Listen to the podcast:

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“Keep an open mind”




And here is the video Riny made of the decorations in Evi’s house just after we had finished the chat. Does it make you feel “Xmasy“?



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