Molly CoddleCream

You met Stringy Bark last week, now hear the woman beside the man Molly CoddleCream herself (a.k.a. Cheryl Firth).

Molly takes us through her interesting life before Stringy which gets even more interesting after teaming up with Stringy. Molly’s influence is noticeable in the music Stringy is making these days and this chat gives us a lot of insight into how that comes about.

Old Aristotle would have seen the truth of his words “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” if he had ever had the good fortune to meet up with Stringy and Molly.

Molly and Stringy care and because they do, they give voice to the silent so that their plight might be heard.

Here is the podcast:

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“To me my clock is it ticks on music and writing and gardening”



“You’ve got to do that, don’t deny yourself anything”




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