Michelle Toussaint – poet

I started following a few bloggers awhile back when I did a WordPress blogging course and their new posts started filling my inbox. I just couldn’t find the time in a day to read all of them but I did want to hear about their new posts so I created a rule on my inbox to automatically file them in a folder to be read later. Now my sad confession is that the later has been a lot longer than I expected and I chanced upon the folder this morning. My sincerest apologies to all the bloggers involved that I haven’t honoured your work as I should, by at least reading it. This is my first attempt to atone by featuring a special post from one of those I have read.

Michelle Toussaint has a blog called “Death By Expectations”  , dedicated to her poetry and I am just blown away by the poems, they are eminently readable and connected. I urge you to have a read of these little works of word art and see if you don’t enjoy them as much I do. They are just moving.

I have selected one of my favourites which might get you started. We may be of different sexes but Michelle has broken through the gender barrier and written this poem about being overweight which explores a serious topic but in a way that brings a chuckle now and then that strangely reinforces the message.

Click on the image below to read the poem “Excuse You?”

Excuse You?


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