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I was out on my daily walk recently when I noticed that one of my shoe laces had come undone. As I leant down to re-tie my shoe lace, a kookaburra started to “laugh” from somewhere a distance behind me. The kookaburra’s call sounds like laughing. Why is he laughing at me I thought, it was just my shoe lace? Shoe lace secure again, I looked around for where the kookaburra might be.

I finally spotted him high up in a large gum tree to the left of me. As I watched and admired his call, two magpies swooped in toward him from the left. The kookaburra obviously thought that two mobile magpies were more than he needed to deal with and took off toward another large gum tree as the magpies continued following him to make sure of his departure. They turned and returned to the original gum tree as the kookaburra alighted in the second tree.

noisy miner, stacesplace.blog
Noisy miner

While he settled down onto his new branch three noisy miners swooped in on him accompanied with a lot of squawking as only noisy miners can do. I could almost see the kookaburra saying to himself, “Oh no, not again!” as he took off again without having had any time to settle in to his new perch.

The last I saw of them was the kookaburra smoothly flapping along trying to ignore the noisy miners continuing harassment as they all disappeared into the distance.

My first thought as I returned to my solitary walk was how privileged I had been to witness this little aerial drama despite feeling a bit sorry for the beautiful kookaburra. How little do we know of what might have been the result of this confrontation, where did the kookaburra normally live, where did he end up, did he find a peaceful spot, did he have a partner, all questions I have no way of knowing the answer to.

It was also another example for me of how little we notice what is happening around us all the time. How little we know of the enormity of nature that surrounds us, all the lives that are being lived in so many ways. How little we care what happens to this mysterious world compared to how we feel about other human beings. If we continue on our path to extinction are we also going to make it uninhabitable for everything else? Poor nature, while we are busy wrecking the joint, they are trying to go about their own business, and just live.


Noisy Miner

Images courtesy of Pixabay

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