Molly the truck repairer

My wife Molly is a herbalist and nutritionist and has been in practice for over 30 years.  I say this because it provides context to this amusing telephone exchange we experienced recently.

Molly received a phone call from a removalist that we have used a few times in the past. Let’s call him Sam and he is a man of few words. We were not moving house at this time but here is how the call went.

Molly: Hi Sam how can I help you?
Sam: I’ve got a problem.

(Molly goes straight into practitioner mode thinking of all the sorts of issues that a man of his age might have)

Molly: What’s the problem Sam?
Sam: My truck’s broken down. (in a very soft voice)

Molly: Okay. (pause) That is a problem.
Sam: How are you placed for tomorrow?

Molly: Oh, I think you’ve rung the wrong person Sam.
Sam hangs up!

(Molly collapses into gales of laughter)

You can find out more about Molly by clicking here to read her story on the clinic website.


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