My favourite Senate candidate

Meet my darling wife Molly, who I am proud to announce is standing as a Senate candidate for the Health Australia Party.

See the party website here or their Facebook page here. You could also follow Molly on her journey at her personal website here which has links to her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Here is Molly’s electoral “pitch”:

Molly knows about hard work, having grown up in regional NSW, spending every spare minute helping out in her parents’ shop. Since then, Molly has seen first-hand the impact of big corporations on small businesses, which she sees as being the backbone of Australia and recognises the importance of assisting small businesses to thrive.
Molly’s personal experiences with chronic disease led her to become a qualified herbalist, as well as studying extensively in many other natural modalities. As a practitioner of thirty years, she sees clients from all over Australia. The right for Australians to choose their healthcare treatments is fundamental to Molly’s beliefs, and she will fight to ensure our voices are heard.
Given the alarming number of toxins reducing the quality of our food and environment for the sake of corporate profit, Molly acknowledges that many Australians have lost trust in their own government. She pledges to work towards erasing corruption and manipulation by vested interests.
The way Molly sees it, all Australians deserve to be strong and healthy with access to quality foods and health care, an unpolluted environment, transparent and honest democracy, and a vibrant economy giving a fair go for all. We all deserve that. “

Please support Molly with her election campaign in any way you can.

  • Join as a friend, click here
  • Join as a member, click here
  • Donate to the crowd funding, click here

Remember, my Australian friends, vote 1 for Health Australia Party above the line (the “C” box”) when casting your Senate ballot paper on the 18th of May!!!!

authorised by Molly Knight for the Health Australia Party, 805/220 Collins St, Melbourne Vic 3000




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