Little Miss Comfort

A moment that’s all. A moment in time captured by this photograph, the bare bones of the moment at best . Just two cute puppies in a plush dog bed is about all an uninvolved person would register on seeing this picture. For my wife and I though, this will live on in our memories as the moment in 2007 when we discovered something distinctive about the little light caramel puppy on the right to whom we had given the name Rosie.

We had purchased Rosie and her sister Daisy through a website of a farm located outside of Lameroo in South Australia. Daisy is the black and white happy looking puppy on the left. The collection of our new family members was a bit of an adventure for us to drive over to Lameroo from our home in Maldon Victoria. It took us most of the day to get there and we stayed in a motel that night before picking up the girls the next morning and driving home. The term puppy farm has been debased in recent years but this was a working farm where the dog breeding had just become a sideline providing some income. The male and female dogs were separated in open paddocks with shelters to protect them from the elements as required. The pregnant females were transferred into sheds for the whelping of the puppies and it was in one of these sheds with hessian sacks for bedding that Rosie and Daisy were waiting for us to collect them.

The girls were about nine weeks old when we first met them and were fully weaned and ready to set out on their independent journey in life. Their father was a toy poodle and their mother a tricolour cavalier hence they are known as cavoodles, now one of the most popular breeds of dog. As soon as they brought Rosie out she adopted Molly as “her human” and just snuggled into her instantly. Daisy and I also bonded almost instantly and that is the way it has remained to a large extent. I had a video with me and took some video of them as they were put on the grassy ground for the first time which was a bit of a treat for them after the concrete shed floors, their only underfoot experience of grass until that time.

Now came THE moment as we put the puppies in the soft fluffy bed we had ready for them on the back seat of the car. Daisy just sat down with a look that could have said, “OK what’s next”. Rosie though had a completely different reaction. As soon as Rosie felt the softness of the bed she literally threw herself prone on her back and rolled around with what appeared to be a relishing of the softness, the feel, the comfort of this bed. Her expression and actions could be interpreted as “At last, luxury”. All she had ever known until this moment were the cold hard concrete floors in the birthing sheds, relieved only by coarse hessian sacking. It is therefore easy to relate to her reactions to the softness and warmth of the cuddly dog bed. Her enjoyment and sheer pleasure continued for some minutes and this photograph captures her mid “luxuriating-roll” as it were.

From that moment on her search for comfort at every opportunity became her guiding light and we came to love her as our Little Miss Comfort.

P.S. Rosie’s constant comfort search has been documented in my Instagram account under a series of “Another comfort tip from Miss Rosie”, hash tag #comforttips.

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