Elmo and Rose

The stuffed human-like form covered in a familiar red fabric with the distinctive boggle eyes, yellow nose and a large mouth set in a permanent grin, lies between the meditation cushion and the wuppies bed.  Two little hands with only four fingers on each hand. Two little feet with only three toes on each foot. This is Elmo and he came to fame through the tv show Sesame Street. Our version was a grandchild’s toy that somehow got left behind at our place and was adopted by Miss Rosie. Or was it adopted by Miss Rosie first as it was accidentally dropped on the floor and no one wanted to reclaim it and clean it free of Miss Rosie’s influence or as some might say, Miss Rosie’s germs, but that would be unkind. Either way Miss Rosie had adopted Elmo and that is the way it has stayed for years after.

It isn’t like Miss Rosie has to have Elmo around all the time or needs to take Elmo with her wherever she goes. No it’s not that dependant a relationship. Elmo sits quietly in one place and is occasionally visited by Miss Rosie. Elmo sometimes needs to be picked up and moved around by Miss Rosie to gain the optimum resting position according to Miss Rosie’s particular needs at the time. That is more of a rearrangement than a large location change though. Elmo did eventually find his regular spot beside the meditation mat in the office and he lies there patiently awaiting the next royal visitation of Miss Rosie.

Miss Daisy on the other hand studiously ignores Elmo and makes no sleeping or cuddling association with him. Is Elmo a him?  It is always assumed he is a he but Elmo is really gender neutral in any discernible way. Miss Daisy is a far more practical and earth mother sort of girl than old miss comfort herself, Miss Rosie. Miss Daisy never avails herself of Elmo’s charms as Miss Rosie perceives them or feels the need for any comforting by some weird looking red human-like doll. There in lies the real difference between the two litter sisters. Miss Rosie is always in search of the most comfortable situation at every opportunity where as Miss Daisy is just happy to lie flat on a hard wooden floor with an occasional indulgent resting of the head on a dog bed. Of course Miss Daisy will sleep in a dog bed but mainly for the warmth and protection it provides rather than an overarching need for comfort as her sister displays.

Miss Rosie will sometimes lie along the full length of Elmo and as they are perfectly matched lengthwise that is certainly convenient. Other times it is simply a touch of the nose or a light touch of a paw that is sufficient to provide the security and comfort that Elmo seemingly provides for Miss Rosie.

But sometimes the simple touch is just not nearly enough and poor Elmo is picked up by various appendages or even the head or the torso and dragged around here and there until he is in the ideal position according to the mysterious guidelines known only to Miss Rosie. Occasionally in one of these bouts of rearrangement he ends up back in much the same position as he started but so long as the process was carried out Miss Rosie appears satisfied. Only then will she settle down, touching Elmo in some way and snooze away.

While Elmo remains calm and accommodating as always, Miss Rosie’s guiding light, the constant search for ultimate comfort, continues.

P.S. 7Feb20 Here is a short clip of the effort Miss Rosie feels obliged to make at times to get just the right “Elmo flop” position.

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