Healing Mantra for Daisy

Miss Daisy was feeling a little poorly last night and still appeared very lethargic this morning. As the little girl has had a heart condition for some time ( see 441 Days ) Molly and I started mentally preparing ourselves for the worst. However I repeated this mantra in my mind all through my meditation session this morning. Later, when it came time for breakfast, our old bouncy Daisy reappeared from her bed as if nothing had happened and tucked into her breakfast with the same enthusiasm as always.

I found this mantra in a book by Kathleen Prasad titled “5 Powerful Meditations To Help Heal Your Animals” and I am grateful for having done so. I keep a printed copy taped to my table near where I meditate in the mornings. I do find though that substituting “knowing” for “know that” seems to fit the rhythm of the mantra better.

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