My Writing

The prompt asked “What do you like most about your writing” and it had me a little stumped to find an appropriate answer. This morning though while I was working on the previous day’s prompt it came to me. It is the excitement I get from the process when I complete a post that has been bursting to get out of my head and into written words. It is a release and a sense of accomplishment that encourages me to persevere with the next piece of writing.

This wasn’t always the case though. I have had to push through a deep-rooted blockage about writing which came from my high school days. When we had to submit compositions in our English class I would always be embarrassed to put mine in as I looked at the mishmash of words and crossed out groups of words which always attracted negative comments from my teachers. The problem I had was that my brain would go faster than my handwriting could keep up and it would also edit what went before. So I would change my mind mid-sentence about what I was writing and cross out the words already down on the paper. I just couldn’t seem to overcome this problem. Should I have sat down and thought it all out before trying to write it, perhaps. It led me to being parsimonious with written words and this was compounded by a level of brevity being more acceptable in my business life. I became resistant to writing at any length. It was in recognition of this problem that paradoxically I started my blog. I felt the need to express myself through writing and I needed to overcome this long-held resistance to the process. The ability to use editable text on a computer allowing me to get the words and the structure the way I want them also helps.

This morning was a good example of the buzz I get from writing. I was struggling with responding to the previous prompt when it suddenly occurred to me that it was a perfect opportunity to write the Ho Ho post which I had in mind way back in 2015 when I wrote Ho Hum. It just fitted with the laughter required from the prompt. The inspiration then filled me with a sense of excitement and I had to sit down and write it straight away. My mind was racing with words that needed to be said. As I hit “Publish” I had cleared out some more clutter from my mind and clarified some other things at the same time.

This is why I love my writing.

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