My ideal day

I don’t have clear picture of what my ideal day might look like but I do know that it would start by doing qi gong with my feet in the sand of the beach then meditation on a sand dune with the sun rising as in the image above. I did start one morning like this while on a business trip to Maroochydore and I have hankered for a repeat experience ever since.

The rest of the day might include one or more pleasant surprises, that would be ideal. There are so many enjoyable things I can think of that I find it hard to choose and of course I will think of a thousand and one things that I could have included as soon as I publish this post.

Pleasant surprises might be a better option to include in my ideal day. Lunch would be no surprise though, definitely a bowl of spaghetti bolognese and dinner might be some battered flathead or whiting with chips and a rocket, pear and parmesan salad. I might round off the day in the evening watching a good quality British drama on television. That would be grand enough for this old fella.

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