A Cause

I have a number of causes which I am passionate but I have cut it down to the biggest one to me, politics. I feel strongly about the inequalities I see in our society so I do tend to lean to the left side of politics and in Australia that means that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Labor supporter. In the USA I would definitely be a Democrat. I was originally going to lead with fairness as my cause but I felt that was too wide a subject to be a cause. It is the imbalance I see in our current society that particularly gets my emotions racing.

For instance I read recently that most of the billionaires in our society have made enormous increases to their wealth during the pandemic while the majority of the community have suffered deaths, illness and loss of income and leisure during the same period. There is something basically intolerable about this situation and while the right wing critics may cry “politics of envy” about this we can not call this a cohesive and caring community while such imbalances continue.

I believe every person is entitled to make the most of their natural talents, a topic I wrote about in The Gary Knight Lesson, but when you reach the giddy heights of not being able to spend your wealth in a multitude of lifetimes then it should be time to share this with those not graced with the same talents as yourself. One way of doing this would be to stop putting so much effort into minimising your tax liability and to voluntarily contribute more tax which might then be shared equitably with the community that constitutes the market that creates your wealth.

Passionate enough do you think?

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