Next Book

I love reading but I tend to do it in bursts. I have been reading the current book, “Don’t Tell A Soul” by D.K. Hood, for about two weeks and am only up to page 143 of 1025 according to the Kindle reader on my iPad. Yes, I am exclusively an ebook reader for a whole host of reasons and I don’t subscribe to the, to me, preciousness that some people go on about having to read only printed paper books. But back to my reading practice. I have been dragging my feet on this one but my wife, who recommended it to me, assures me that the interest level picks up further in. Now if I had the next in the “In Death” series by JD Robb to hand then I would have it read within a day or two.

The next book though on my list is “The Wizard and The Prophet” by Charles C. Mann and you can find it here on Amazon. It is described as “Two Remarkable Scientists and Their Dueling Visions to Shape Tomorrow’s World”. It was recommended to me firstly in Seth Godin’s newsletter and you can read his review of it here . My son then rang me to especially recommend I read it as, like Seth, he was so caught up in it and it was so thought-provoking that he was having difficulty putting it down. The Wizards as Mann terms them are represented by Norman Borlaug whose mantra is “Innovate” and that man can solve all problems faced through science. The Prophets are represented by William Vogt whose mantra is “Cut back” and that man is heading for disaster if we do not take care of our environment.

Given that this has been recommended by two people whose opinions I respect, I am looking forward to reading about the challenges that this book is likely to provide to my ways of seeing the world.

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