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This was a difficult choice but I have settled on the photo above of our recently departed Miss Rosie who was also known as “Little Miss Comfort” . Rosie had a predilection for finding the most comfortable position to be in and my lap became her sanctuary. She would often bark at me in the office from about 4:30pm as encouragement for me to move to the couch in the lounge room so she could come and sit in my lap.

My lap, or rather my stomach, was were this photo was taken as you can probably tell. Miss Daisy’s head can be seen to the right where she was laying further down between my legs. I am moved by the love shown by Miss Rosie in this photo but how do we humans ascertain expressions on dogs? I know that her ears are lowered which I took as her expressing happiness and would normally be accompanied by a wagging of the tail but how do I see love in those eyes? Do you see the love being shown in those eyes? Miss Rosie had just been laying in my lap and then for a couple of minutes she shifted up into this position as if to say “Thanks Dad, I love you”. Of course that is all supposition on my part but I wonder, do you see the same expression? I would love to hear your reactions in the comments below.

It is of course a marvellous memory to be able to look back on now that Miss Rosie is no longer with us. If you want to know more about Miss Rosie you can read my eulogy for her by clicking on “Vale Miss Rosie”.

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