The word "dreams" as clouds. dream-4827288 Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

Dreams are something I thought I rarely had but since I have retired from work I seem to be dreaming most nights. Every morning I wake up with something from a dream still in my mind’s eye and I have taken to jotting these down in Evernote. I call them “dream snippets” and one of the recent ones, scrim pies, I used in my previous post. I had no idea what it meant and in what context it was used but there it was, scrim pies. So I am a little stumped trying to remember enough about even the most recent one to write about. I will instead write about my dream experiences such as they are.

It is just one of the changes I have noticed since retiring completely from work. Even though it has been a few years since I worked full time it is only in the last twelve months or so that I have dropped all responsibility for the IT systems I was managing. Since then I seem to be dreaming enough to notice the act of dreaming or waking up remembering parts of them, or rather a sense of them. I put this down to while I was working I was constantly having a number of system or program issues on my mind that I was “wrestling with” and I don’t think I had space to just dream. I know that I remember having a sense of “worrying” about the issues while I was sleeping.

Most dreams I seem to enjoy and I am amazed constantly at the weird and wonderful things my mind can conjure up in dreams. But I have woken up a couple of times in a panic as if by waking up I get myself out of a difficult or threatening experience. Quite often that is a falling down situation of some sort, like out of an airplane door. I wonder what that means. There always seems to be some unresolved issue though even with the dreams I enjoy and wake up wanting more. Another one for the pundits to ponder. All in all, yes, I do enjoy them and they are certainly better than worrying about work problems of course. I am also accumulating all sorts of names and words that hopefully will provide fodder for some of my future writing. Just another benefit of retirement.


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