Meet Stoony McGibbins

Man talking to his own face man-845847 Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Stace: “Welcome back to the StacesPlace podcast. Let me introduce you to today’s guest, Stoony McGibbins. Thank you for making time for us today Stoony, how are you?”

Stoony: “G’day Stace. Thanks for having me. I’m doing fine mate.”

Stace: “Now Stoony before we start I have to ask where did the name Stoony come from, it seems a very unusual name.”

Stoony: “Well yes I guess it is an unusual name but it’s very familiar to me of course. Most people make that comment though, that they haven’t heard it before. It was originally the name of my great-grandfather. His father was a Scotsman, Henry McGibbins, who married a Portugese woman named Margarida and they named their first born son Stoony which I think is a Portugese name. It has just been handed down through the family since then and it is my turn now.”

Stace: “That is fascinating and a lovely tradition to keep going. I bet it has caused you a few problems though, particularly during school years.”

Stoony: “Oh yes, I have had a few cuts and bruises from fights over it. Kids can be pretty cruel. But I am proud of it.”

Stace: “Good on you. Now Stoony, what sort of work do you do?”

Stoony: “I run the family business now making scrim pies. This was started a couple of generations ago and we are one of the few companies still supplying scrim pies.”

Stace: “Well you are a man of unusual names alright Stoony. But I must confess, I have never heard of scrim pies, what on earth are they?”

Stoony: “Not many people outside the building industry have. At one time there were quite a few companies making them but we are the only one left making them here in Sydney. And while there is a need we will keep on making them. Our formulation is a well-guarded secret and has been in the family for generations.”

Stace: “But what are they? No wait, we will just have a word from our sponsor and then we will be right back to get all the low-down on scrim pies, be back soon.”


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