Solitude isn’t something I feel the need to seek out these days because Molly and I are long time empty nesters having raised four children between us, all now adults and flown the coop. I also no longer have the pressure or stress of a workplace, another driver of the need for solitude.

My physical place I use if I am seeking solitude is simply my home study/office. However as a meditator I literally have my own place of solitude, my own temple, available to me at any time. As someone once commented during a course I was on, I carry my own sacred space around with me. I remember meditating on a flight somewhere I and it was probably the most intense, aware meditation I have ever had, amidst the roaring engine noise and the cabin noises.

That is not to say I don’t enjoy spaces like the one reflected in the picture above. I wrote about one such experience earlier in my post, see “My Ideal Day”. However any of these beautiful places are not readily available to me but sitting in such a place like the pier above I know I would sense the life force in all that surrounds me, the life force that energises all of nature. So conversely, solitude can demonstrate to me how connected we all are, not how separated and alone it might seem.


Featured image is dock-1979547 by David Mark from Pixabay

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