The house is quiet and peaceful. I have had a nice sleep in but sadly without my wife beside me. Molly has slept over at our daughters place helping look after the grandchildren while our daughter recovered from a severe migraine. I arise and after toiletries and refreshing the cats feed bowls it is time to sit down for my daily meditation session.

I am up to day seven in Annemaree Rowley’s marvellous Paving Your Pathway to Peace (2) series on Insight Timer. I put on my bluetooth headphones but they won’t power up to connect. I have forgotten to recharge them overnight. Oh well I take out my wired earphones and plug them in to the adapter I have for my iPhone which I have needed since Apple decided to remove the previous round earphone connection from my iPhone model. As I start listening to Annemaree the sound keeps dropping out and I am only getting about one word in three. I jiggle (a technical term) the adapter and the sound comes back but then goes again. OK the adapter has a loose connection somewhere in it so that is not going to work.

Just then the recording is stopped as a phone call comes in to my iPhone. It is my wife and as I am pleased to hear from her I take the call. After chatting for a couple of minutes I am able to return to my meditation.

I am now out of options for alternate hearing devices so I turn on the iPhone speaker and resume listening to Annemaree. Immediately a number of trucks rumble past my window followed by the sound of chainsaws and other loud noises. A tree is being chopped down just up the street. I do manage to finish the session albeit with a certain lack of concentration and little focus. I am obviously not fated to be able to listen to this right now, I will try again later once I have my headphones charged. Ironically, the topic of the session was, listening.

My pathway to peace was a little rocky today ;-).



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