Colour Me Purple

aura-5338110 Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

My favourite colour for years has been red. I suspect that started in high school where it was the colour of the “house” I belonged to. I even remember the house name, Freeman, but why such inconsequential stuff still lingers when other more important knowledge has disappeared completely is beyond me.

However, I have recently noticed that I lean toward the colour purple. I have even commented about it saying that my new favourite colour is like my old favourite colour but with the anger subdued. You might see this relevance if you have read my posts Ho Hum, Ho Ho and Ho Om. I have in later life become more peaceful, more placid, and less prone to either unwarranted humour or barely controlled rage, my go-to positions for much of my life.

My wife and I have been looking at the energy associated with chakras recently and it occurred to me that my favourite colour change possibly reflects my personality change. I have moved from the base colour of red to the purple of the crown chakra. The base chakra represents my security and power base, where I felt most comfortable. The crown chakra is reflective of spirituality, enlightenment and consciousness. I certainly do not claim to be enlightened yet but I suspect my favourite colour choice is definitely showing me I am on the right path.


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