Meeting The Locals

Kangaroos are probably one of the worlds most adored animals, they even feature on Australia’s coat of arms. To us Australians though, they are just locals. Let me share with you a couple of meetings with these locals. Continue reading “Meeting The Locals”


Blackberry Ripe

Blackerry-ripeningWe are currently going through a heatwave and I need to give our plants a good drink every day. One of the joys of this task though is regularly finding another blackberry fruit that has reached full ripeness and which is promptly consumed, imparting that delicious blackberry flavour. Incomparable!

But not today.

However the fruit in this photo is nearly there and I thought it worth sharing as  another example of how wonderful nature is. Notice how the fruit is actually made up of separate segments, like globules, and these all have their own life cycle, ripening at their own pace, but all combining together to make up the complete fruit.

Continue reading “Blackberry Ripe”

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