Just an old cap

It was just an old Sydney Swans cap, bought at a stand outside the SCG sometime in the 1990’s, where I was attending a Sydney Swans game. I liked it because it had a sort of vintage feel to it, a canvas fabric look rather than the bright red and white caps supplied by the Swans as part of the membership pack. It was also in the days when I was regularly buying Swans kit like shirts and jackets. My need to be identified by this paraphernalia has long gone, the attachment broken, in a process I have written about elsewhere.

The cap had become my cap of choice when I started walking regularly for exercise,  around the time when I first met Molly in the early 2000’s. Molly’s two daughters were still living at home although there were plans for them to be moving in the near future to Queensland to attend university. Each of the girls had a dog and they had decided that Mum should also have a dog to keep her company when they left home. There was Astro Boy, a beautiful large Border Collie dog; Jack, a Maltese Shih Tzu cross dog and Dolly, a small long-haired Chihuahua-Terrier cross bitch, ostensibly Molly’s pet. That’s right, Dolly, Molly, get it? Continue reading “Just an old cap”


A New Path

I awoke naturally, rested and calm about 6:15 am.  Snug and warm in my sleeping bag, revelling in waking without the alarm.  Eager to get up and go for a walk but given the darkness outside reading a little of Lama Surya Das’s “Awakening the Buddha Within” seems the better option.  As is becoming usual his words lift my spirits and keep the course processes rolling.  Pale dawn light starts to lift the darkness through the window so out of the cocoon, into warm clothes and off for my walk.  It has been some time since I have been able to indulge in the pleasure of an early morning winter walk and I have been looking forward to this.

But which way?  Our service team leader had warned us about staying on the bush tracks, of the dangers of cliffs, and the extra time it takes to walk back uphill.  Therefore I figure that I need to head downhill on a bush track to get the views I long for.  I also sensed that the tracks were on the other side of the main building so set off in that direction.  The trail to the right of a fork looked interesting.  I passed an outdoor campfire site on my left, complete with strategically placed logs around it as seating.  A piece of branch, ideal for a walking stick, presented itself on the track and on I tramped now aided by my new found friend the branch.  Ah, the beautiful fresh air, the birds singing, the fresh smells of the bush are all enervating and I revel in it.  My joy is dampened a little by the sight of the same campsite appearing on my left again.  I am going round in a circle!  And there was the main building again.

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