Fiona Boyes

In many of my chats we always spend some time talking about the person’s day job but with Fiona Boyes, music is her day job. Fiona has been a professional musician for over 25 years and during that period has won many awards and distinctions.  Indeed at the time of recording this Fiona had two nominations coming up in the in the American Blues Music Awards for her latest album “Professin’ The Blues”; one for best acoustic album of the year in America and one for Fiona personally as Acoustic Artist of the year. Continue reading “Fiona Boyes”

Molly CoddleCream

You met Stringy Bark last week, now hear the woman beside the man Molly CoddleCream herself (a.k.a. Cheryl Firth).

Molly takes us through her interesting life before Stringy which gets even more interesting after teaming up with Stringy. Molly’s influence is noticeable in the music Stringy is making these days and this chat gives us a lot of insight into how that comes about.

Continue reading “Molly CoddleCream”

Stringy Bark McDowell

Stringy Bark McDowell (a.k.a. Ken Terrington) is a talented laid back musician with a great sense of humour. The humour came through notably in the Muddy Puddles blues band from the 90’s which as Stringy reveals was a bit of a satirical look at the blues from the outset. But it is his outlook on life and the “take no prisoners” attitude combined with his musicianship that makes him what I think is the “Neil Young” of Australian music. Continue reading “Stringy Bark McDowell”

Captain Bluetongue

Here is the other half of the Blues Preachers, Captain Bluetongue, as promised during the previous episode with Brother John.  They are a very balanced duo both musically and spiritually and this shines through in this chat with the Captain.

It is also fitting that this is published on this date, 18th January 2017, which is the 40th anniversary of the Granville train disaster in which 83 poor souls lost their lives, including Captain’s older brother. Please see the link below for more details of this tragedy.

Enjoy! Continue reading “Captain Bluetongue”

Brother John

Blues music originated in the difficult social conditions that poor people spent their lives in from the earliest times in the USA. Most musicians attracted to the blues also have a well-developed sense of social justice but my guest this week, Brother John from The Blues Preachers, has more than many. It unashamedly informs the music he creates.

A keen student of the history of music and an observer of the social issues facing us all today, he addresses these from a firm spiritual base and the results make compelling listening in this podcast. Continue reading “Brother John”

Shayne Soall

Cigar box guitar maker, jeweler, philosopher, blues man through and through, meet Shayne Soall from the Oz Blues and Roots Music Emporium in beautiful Yackandandah.

Shayne has been in the blues music industry for over 30 years in many facets and his is an absorbing story to listen to and one of the most enjoyable ones I have been fortunate enough to record.

He dropped so many names in the interview that it has taken me nearly as long to get the links together (see below) as it did to record and edit the chat 😉 Continue reading “Shayne Soall”

Pat Procter

Like an earlier guest in episode 18, Keith Nicholson, Pat Procter is a maker of quality cigar box guitars but over on the other side of the country, West Australia. They seem to be a special breed these cigar box makers and the quality of Pat’s work is remarkable as you can see from the gallery of Pat’s examples below. Click on a pic to see a larger view. Continue reading “Pat Procter”

Pip Cowan

Pip Cowan’s website”Busking My Way To Mississippi” sounds like a bit of a challenge but factor into your expectation that Pip is a quadriplegic and the enormity of the undertaking presents itself.

A motorcycle accident on the farm at the age of 17 had left Pip a quadriplegic with limited use of his arms and hands. But the disability has led him to an interest in blues music and he is now starting to master the diddly bow, a one-stringed cigar box guitar. From there it seems a logical step to travel to Mississippi to learn at the home of the blues. Continue reading “Pip Cowan”

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