Pip Cowan

Pip Cowan’s website”Busking My Way To Mississippi” sounds like a bit of a challenge but factor into your expectation that Pip is a quadriplegic and the enormity of the undertaking presents itself.

A motorcycle accident on the farm at the age of 17 had left Pip a quadriplegic with limited use of his arms and hands. But the disability has led him to an interest in blues music and he is now starting to master the diddly bow, a one-stringed cigar box guitar. From there it seems a logical step to travel to Mississippi to learn at the home of the blues. Continue reading “Pip Cowan”


Jasmine Beth

Jasmine Beth is firstly a writer who has developed a rare talent through her music and her voice to convey beautiful shared experiences with audiences. Combine that with her social conscience and you have a very interesting person to talk to.

Jasmine was in England when we caught up over Skype but will be back performing in Australia from December 2016. Continue reading “Jasmine Beth”

Chris O

It’s time for a break away from the “boys only” flavour of the podcasts to date, so my guest on this episode is Chris Okunbor, a musician from the Blue Mountains, better known by her public persona of Chris O.

As you will hear Chris has led a varied and wonderful life, full of exotic experiences, all of which I think comes through in her voice and her choice of material for her performances at gigs all around the world. Continue reading “Chris O”

Keith Nicholson

It’s not every day that you get to talk to a cigar box guitar maker so I felt privileged having the opportunity to chat to Keith Nicholson.  I was introduced to Keith by Mark Bishop who featured in episode 16 and it is Mark playing an original composition on Keith’s cigar box resonator as the opener to this episode.

Keith Nicholson is as he says, “A jack of all trades but master of none”, but after talking to Keith and seeing his work, I beg to differ. As a cigar box guitar maker he is indeed a master of his craft. This is an amazing musical art form which specialises in creating beautiful musical instruments, mostly from recycled parts. You can see some of his instruments in the Gallery below from pictures that Keith sent over . Continue reading “Keith Nicholson”

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