New Age Old Age

My dear old Granpop often said “Ahhh getting old’s a bugger” and I can hear him saying it still after all these years. Please pardon the vulgarity but that is exactly what he said and to replace “bugger” with something more acceptable would be to lose the strength of feeling in his voice at the time. Of course what he meant by the expression was that getting old wasn’t something he was enjoying at all. As this baby boomer, a so-called New Age man, heads into Old Age I am starting to appreciate the depth of feeling and the essential truth in his words. Continue reading “New Age Old Age”

THE Sam Reid

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Show notes:

There are two Sam Reids currently playing AFL in the Sydney area.

One is a highly rated prospect for the future who plays for the well established, Eastern Suburbs based, Sydney Swans.

The other is a young man who plays for the GWS Giants, the brand new Western Sydney club fighting for support in its first year in the AFL competition. Continue reading “THE Sam Reid”

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