Lyn’s Eyes

The Song:

My neighbour Ray Brookes put this to music and created this song from my original poem. Ray may have a website up soon but in the meantime, you can find some of his original music on YouTube, just search for “Ray Brookes”.

Have a listen, I love it.

The Poem:

Hello eyes
that belie the face
A joyful visage
contorted on an impulse
wrenched from the soul
or so it seems.

But those creases
those smiles
are just an illusion
a vicious delusion
an insult.

A smile is a lifeline
that binds
one to another.

That line once flung
is moored by the mirror
of the soul
the eyes.

So sad to see
the death
when your face smiles
but your eyes don’t.

**  Stace says: I wrote this way back in 1978 and have carried it around in a folder with others since then. This seems like a good place to open them to the light.

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