Patty Mifsud

From a 30+ years veteran of Australian blues music last week, Shayne Soall, we have this week a relative debutante, Patty Mifsud, who is just starting to get known around the Sydney blues circuit as a very capable blues harp player.

Patty is also a wife, a mother, and holds down a full-time job as an employment consultant while striving for excellence in her “spare” time as a musician. The Rolling Stones were the first to draw her attention to blues harmonica many years ago and lead her to listen to many of the greats of blues music as you can see from the references below to people mentioned in this podcast. But it is only in recent years that Patty has decided to pick up and learn to play the harmonica. Now she is joining jams and playing gigs around Sydney as she continues to hone her skills.

Here is Patty’s story. Continue reading “Patty Mifsud”

Shayne Soall

Cigar box guitar maker, jeweler, philosopher, blues man through and through, meet Shayne SoallĀ from the Oz Blues and Roots Music Emporium in beautiful Yackandandah.

Shayne has been in the blues music industry for over 30 years in many facets and his is an absorbing story to listen to and one of the most enjoyable ones I have been fortunate enough to record.

He dropped so many names in the interview that it has taken me nearly as long to get the links together (see below) as it did to record and edit the chat šŸ˜‰ Continue reading “Shayne Soall”


Saturday night in Amsterdam, Sunday morning in Sydney, the wonders of technology join us together to bring you a chat with the lovely couple known as “Evrin“, Riny and Evi, Riny Raijmakers and Evi Terschegget to give them their full titles.

Riny is the singer-songwriter of the partnership and Evi brings a beautiful presence and voice from a jazz background, smokey as Evi describes it. Continue reading “Evrin”

Pat Procter

Like an earlier guest in episodeĀ 18, Keith Nicholson, Pat Procter is a maker of quality cigar box guitars but over on the other side of the country, West Australia. They seem to be a special breed these cigar box makers and the quality of Pat’s work is remarkable as you can see from the gallery of Pat’s examples below. Click on a pic to see a larger view. Continue reading “Pat Procter”

SP24 Amna

Following on from Eric K. Betts last week, Amna Karra-Hassan is another “K” person, quite often being referred to as simply Amna K-Hassan. I first spoke with Amna back in April 2016 as part of the AFL segment on Alive 90.5. Amna’s team, the Auburn Giants, were just entering their first season in Premiership division in the Sydney Women’s AFL competition. Amna was the driving force behind the formation of this all women club which has a diverse range of ethnicities amongst its members, including MuslimĀ girls. Continue reading “SP24 Amna”

Pip Cowan

Pip Cowan’s website”Busking My Way To Mississippi” sounds like a bit of a challenge but factor into your expectation that Pip is a quadriplegic and the enormity of the undertaking presents itself.

A motorcycle accident on the farm at the age of 17 had left Pip a quadriplegic with limited use of his arms and hands. But the disability has led him to an interest in blues music and he is now starting to master the diddly bow, a one-stringed cigar box guitar. From there it seems a logical step to travel to Mississippi to learn at the home of the blues. Continue reading “Pip Cowan”

The Lowlands

Emmett Louis Till was a 14-year-old colored boy who was murdered in 1955 by two white men for the perceived crime of wolf-whistling at a white woman.

Chris O and Jonathan Beckenstein in 2016 collaborated over Soundcloud on a song called “The Lowlands” which honorsĀ the relatives and strangers who stood up in seeking justice for the murder of Emmett Till. Continue reading “The Lowlands”

Jasmine Beth

Jasmine Beth is firstly a writer who has developed aĀ rare talent through her music and her voice to convey beautiful shared experiences with audiences. Combine that with her social conscience and you have a very interesting person to talk to.

Jasmine was in England when we caught up over Skype but will be back performing in Australia from December 2016. Continue reading “Jasmine Beth”

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