Little Miss Comfort

A moment that’s all. A moment in time captured by this photograph, the bare bones of the moment at best . Just two cute puppies in a plush dog bed is about all an uninvolved person would register on seeing this picture. For my wife and I though, this will live on in our memories as the moment in 2007 when we discovered something distinctive about the little light caramel puppy on the right to whom we had given the name Rosie. Continue reading “Little Miss Comfort”



It was a memorable prank. I was working as a programmer in the early 1980’s on a project designed to run on an IBM S/34, a big metal “cupboard” on wheels that sat in the corner and churned away. I worked on the project with one of the guys from the company, a nice little guy I will call Arfa because he was probably born within the sound of the Bow Bells. We had set him up with a database on the S/34 to manage his passion, breeding budgerigars. Arfa was one of those pet owners who some would say bore a resemblance to his pets with a beaky little nose and a cheeky and curious personality.

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