SP17 Mark Eustice

The community radio station that I am involved with was approached by SANE Australia offering an interview with one of their ambassadors as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Being a former AFL player Mark seemed the best candidate for me to interview for the Sunday Sports Roundup program and here it is.

I enjoyed talking to Mark and hearing the story of hope and recovery he provides. Better awareness of mental health issues is definitely needed, even in today’s enlightened times. One can only wonder how far he could have gone in AFL had he received the help he so desperately needed at the time. He went through a living hell for nearly 25 years before he did eventually receive such help and get his life back together again.

Survivors are inspirational and Mark Eustice is definitely a survivor. Listen to his story.

Here is the podcast:

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Help lines:

  • SANE Australia: 1800 187 263
  • Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14


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