Chris Morgan, Olympic rower

Show notes:

Rowing? Not a sport I have ever taken much interest in. However the community radio station I do the AFL segment for was offered the opportunity to do an interview with Chris Morgan, an Olympic rower, and as I was one of the few available with the skills to record and edit Skype interviews I was offered the gig. OK a quick learning exercise then ensued on who Chris was and some scant awareness of what rowing was.

As you will hear from the resulting podcast, Chris is a most appealing athlete with an amazing work ethic. From a child who showed very little interest in any form of exercise he has transformed himself into a formidable athlete who has had to have his training regime scaled back by coaches to ensure he doesn’t burn out before competition. Rowing is to my mind one of the most demanding forms of athletic competition and Chris excels at the highest levels of his chosen sport of rowing. It was a real pleasure to talk to Chris.

I recommend you follow Chris through his Rio Olympics campaign starting 6th August 2016.

We covered a number of topics during the interview including:

  • Rowing is an amateur sport, how does he survive?
  • Why is his nickname Walker?
  • How Chris got into rowing
  • The physical demands of rowing
  • “Catching a crab”?
  • What do the race codes mean?
  • What does the cox do?
  • Shifting from quads to double sculls
  • Effect of difference in water content
  • Boat weights
  • Swimming skills
  • Olympic hopes?
  • Retirement plans?

Here are some links to items related to the interview:

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