Fiona Boyes

In many of my chats we always spend some time talking about the person’s day job but with Fiona Boyes, music is her day job. Fiona has been a professional musician for over 25 years and during that period has won many awards and distinctions.  Indeed at the time of recording this Fiona had two nominations coming up in the in the American Blues Music Awards for her latest album “Professin’ The Blues”; one for best acoustic album of the year in America and one for Fiona personally as Acoustic Artist of the year.

Fiona recorded this from her home in beautiful Yamba in northern New South Wales and if you listen carefully you will hear the occasional rainbow lorikeet bird chatter in the background.

Please check out the links below as you listen to this podcast; there is a lot of background material contained in these links.

I felt I discovered the multi-layered person that is Fiona Boyes in this chat and I really enjoyed the process.

I hope you do too.


Listen to the podcast here

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“You have a tension between innovation and tradition”



“Every time I close my guitar case after a gig I’m unemployed”



“There’s this notional conflict between the barrelhouse and the church house”




“A respectful agnostic married to an Anglican priest”



“I try to project good vibes into the world”




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