Podcast Revival

Podcast Revival, stacesplace.blog

I had to put my podcast on hold while we were moving house and coping with reduced internet access but we have both settled in and now have access to mobile broadband as well so I will be starting up with interviews and commentaries as podcasts in the near future.

However this “revival” has been prompted in part by a friend in the USA. I have been following the blog of this lady who gave me some very kind and considered encouragement when we were doing the WordPress Writing 101 course a couple of years ago. However, regrettably, I have not kept up to date with my blog reading and I only recently discovered that sadly, she has a condition where her eyesight is being affected so much that she is now finding it difficult to read all the blogs that she follows.

Learning this has prompted me to restart my podcasts with a vocal version of my posts for a starter. I will also add in interviews and commentaries as the spirit moves me but by at least recording my posts, those who are having difficulty reading may also be able to keep up with my scribblings. It may also be more convenient for some readers to just listen to them in the car on their daily commute for instance.  My readers become listeners.

My next post “Kookaburra” will be the first to include an audio version and I will work my way back over the recents posts in time and add an audio version to them. The audio version will be embedded in the post itself so you don’t need to follow the podcast to take advantage of this feature.

I hope this helps and that you find the podcasts enjoyable to listen to.

Listen to the podcast version below:

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