Lyn’s Eyes

Hello eyes
that belie the face
A joyful visage
contorted on an impulse
wrenched from the soul
or so it seems.

But those creases
those smiles
are just an illusion
a vicious delusion
an insult.

A smile is a lifeline
that binds
one to another.

That line once flung
is moored by the mirror
of the soul
the eyes.

So sad to see
the death
when your face smiles
but your eyes don’t.


** Stace says: I wrote this way back in 1978 and have carried it around in a folder with a few others since then. This seems like a good place to open them to the light.

P.S. 2Sep2022: A neighbour, Ray Brookes, is a brilliant musician and liked the words so he put them to music back in 2018. He had originally posted it on his YouTube channel which I had linked to in this post.Somewhere along the way it got deleted and lost from the channel. When I discovered that the link no longer worked I mentioned it to Ray and he reported back a few days later that regrettably he could no longer find it. Out of the blue he happened across it today and has shared it with me.

So here is my poem as what I think is a beautiful song:

“Those Eyes” by Ray Brookes

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  1. “So sad to see the death when your face smiles but your eyes don’t.” I could so identify with this, Mike. So often I feel like I put on a public face and then when I turn around the leave the room it changes into something else — Something with those dead eyes. I found your poem very poignant. Thanks so much for bringing it to the light after all these years.


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